Apr 252012

The market of iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry is rising up very fastly and it has created the need of mobile application development.These days android based mobile applications is on boom. Android is an operating system based on linux kernel having java library written in C. Android operating system best suits for Android Application Development. There are many advantages of Android OS, like receive/send data over mobile networks, libraries for 2D and 3D graphics, IPC, P2P, SQlite and many more. Android application runs only on android mobile phone. Same as iPhone and iPad uses iOS, which is an Apple’s product. iPhone applications also run only on Apple’s product.BlackBerry OS a mobile operating system, is developed by “Research In Motion” for its BlackBerry smartphone handheld devices.

The operating system have been adopted by RIM for use in its handhelds, for the trackwheel, trackball, and most recently, the trackpad and touchscreen.

The negative thing is that you cann’t produce an application to run on all the platforms, if the application developed in android for android phone it will run only on androig phone or android pad, if developed for iPhone or iPad , will only run on them. Plus point is for producing company and also for application development company, but another negative point is that if some one wants to develope same application for all the sets, he have to contact different development company for the applicaitons developement. The solution for the same is AIAD(Android iPhone Applicatin Development), a company involved in Android Application Development, iPhone Application Development, Blackberry Application Development, iPad Application Development as well as Windows Mobile Application Development.

The company has developed applications on all platforms.

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Mar 302012

Article by Jacob john

Android tablets are becoming very popular. There are various types and models that are available on the market. Currently Android tablet are the main rivals to ipad although more products are creeping into the market. In this article we consider some of the most modern Android tablet on the market. The Asus Eee pad transformer prime is still the best Android tablet around. It features the first quad-core Tegra 3 CPU which gives it exceptional computing power and efficiency. It is capable of playing 1080p videos more easily than any of its predecessors. It is very thin and comes with a very beautiful keyboard dock which can add additional hour in terms of battery life. The other android tablet is the Asus Eee pad slider. It is popular for those who want to do things differently. It features slide-out keyboard making it very flexible and highly functional. It makes it easy for typing documents and emails. Furthermore, it has the widest and most responsive screen.For those people who prefer power and portability, the android Samsung galaxy tablet 8.9 is the best choice. It is similar to its predecessors but with a relatively wide 8.9 inch screen. In addition it has a slimmer design which makes it highly portable. The Asus Eee pad transformer is still one of the most popular tablets available. It is well designed, powerful and to support a docking keyboard. This gives it the potential to function as a full featured android powered netbook. Samsung galaxy 10.1 offers an alternative to Apple’s ipad 2. It also features a Tegra 2 dual core CPU but is slightly slim and light in weight. It is the perfect choice for those who want an ipad like tablet. It also offers what is known as the out-and-out tablet experience. The best android tablet that has fast dual performance is the Motorola Xoom 2. It has upgraded chassis featuring a 1.2GHz CPU. This product is however fast overall although it has some problems especially in registration of swipes. It is a great tablet but is not comparable to others in terms of value and performance.The Toshiba AT100/Thrive is an improvement of the original Toshiba AT100. The original model appealed to advanced users but was very bulky and heavy. The improved version makes up for this by featuring full sized USB and HDMI ports. This enables the user to plug in any peripheral devices such as keyboards and mice. In addition, it has long battery life. The only shortcoming for this type of tablet is its weighed and big size.LG Optimus Pad is the best android tablet for playing with 3D. The Android tablet has a 5MP camera with 3D capabilities. It is stylish with unique features that enable you to access some original play stations.

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Google today took the wraps off a brand new design for the Android Market. This new revamp is for Android smartphones and will be pushed out as an OTA update in the coming weeks to all Android 2.2 or higher devices. If you’d like to install it now simply click this download link right here: bit.ly Thanks for watching! Make sure to follow me on Twitter: twitter.com New Android Market Walkthrough 2011 Revamp New Android Market Walkthrough 2011 Revamp New Android Market Walkthrough 2011 Revamp

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